The National Direct Care Workforce Resource Center

Report May 18, 2022

Direct Care Workforce Policy and Action Guide

This report describes the challenges in the direct care workforce and then provides policy solutions, with concrete examples from states that are already implementing mechanisms to improve the direct care workforce. To view the original source, click here.

Key Takeaways

There are multiple policy interventions and avenues that states can take to improve job quality for direct care workers.
States should take a multifaceted approach to improving the direct care workforce to meet the increasing need for the critical care direct care workers provide.
States are making efforts to improve racial and economic disparities within the direct care workforce as part of their efforts to improve direct care job quality.
About The Author

Courtney Roman; Clare Luz; Carrie Graham; Nida Joseph; Kate McEvoy

CHCS; IMPART Alliance/Michigan State University; CHCS; Milbank Memorial Fund

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