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Report September 1, 2017

Workforce Gaps in Dementia Education and Training

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The Workforce Development Workgroup of the 2017 National Research Summit on Dementia Care was an interprofessional team of health professionals with expertise in dementia workforce development. This report outlines six recommendations developed by the workgroup to improve the capacity and effectiveness of the dementia care workforce, including direct care workers. To see the original source, click here.

Key Takeaways

There are several glaring gaps in workforce development for dementia care.
Improvement is needed in workforce education, training, recruitment, and retention.
Technology should be better leveraged in providing high-quality dementia care.
About The Author

Joan Weiss, Nina Tumosa, Elyse Perweiler, Daniel Bailey, Ellen Blackwell, Mary Ann Forceia, Toni Miles, Susan Tebb, Scott Trudeau, Mary Worstell

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