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Advanced Home Health Aide Occupation Proposed in N.Y. State

February 17, 2015

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s proposed budget for 2015-2016 includes language that would authorize the creation of the new occupational title of Advanced Home Health Aide.

The proposal (PDF; see Section J) would allow home health aides who have worked as a home care aide in New York State for at least one year to go through extra training to become an advanced home health aide.

Individuals who complete the training and pass a competency exam would have their advanced aide status listed in the state’s Home Care Registry.

Advocacy Day

On February 25, PHI and other members of a coalition in support of the proposal (pdf) will meet with state legislators to urge support for the proposal in this legislative session.

Anyone interested in participating or who would like more information should email Allison Cook, PHI New York Policy Associate, or call (718) 928-2067.

Advanced aides would work under the supervision of a registered nurse who could assign an additional set of eligible “advanced” tasks, such as administering pre-packaged routine medications.

Assignment of duties would be on a single case basis and would not be transferrable from one client to another.

PHI has long supported the creation of a more formal career pathway for home health aides and has been an active member of the workgroup created by the New York State Department of Health to make recommendations as to the tasks, training, supervision, and other factors related to the proposal.

Therefore, PHI strongly supports the passage of this proposal and the creation of a next step in the career pathway for home health aides.

— by Allison Cook, PHI New York Policy Associate

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