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Promoting Smart Public Policies for Today’s Economy

We work closely with government leaders to advise their proposals and prioritize the direct care workforce.

Our Federal Advocacy

We represent the voices of direct care workers on Capitol Hill—working closely with the full spectrum of federal leaders.

Our State Advocacy

We bring decades of experience to state policymakers who want to stabilize the workforce and support older adults.
Our Advocacy around the country

Our Advocacy around the country

Cities and states are increasingly grappling with the challenges facing long-term care, as the country rapidly ages and budgets become strapped. Between 2012 and 2018, we studied and analyzed a variety of policy issues, advising on the best, cost-efficient ways to reform our system.

Caring for the Future:

The Power and Potential of America’s Direct Care Workforce
An extensive look at today's direct care workforce and the industry shaping these jobs.

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