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Michigan’s “One Vision” Project Offers New Person-Centered Clarifications

February 27, 2014

Two new publications from the One Vision: Moving Forward initiative explain how Michigan nursing homes can facilitate residents’ desires to explore the outdoors and engage in hobbies and crafts without compromising safety.

The Great Outdoors affirms that nursing home residents have the right to choose to spend time outside as they please, and that skilled nursing facilities have a responsibility to minimize potential hazards and accidents.

“The person-centered approach is to breathe fresh air, feel the sunshine, and be in nature, all of which are beneficial and necessary for the optimal well-being of human beings,” the publication states. “That residents, regardless of cognitive ability, desire the freedom, opportunity, and control to go outdoors when they ‘choose’ should be embraced.”

Resident Enjoyment of Crafts and Hobbies, meanwhile, outlines the various safety concerns that can accompany certain resident activities, such as cooking or woodworking.

Nevertheless, the publication affirms that “the individual resident’s desired activities, hobbies, routines, and preferences are the priority,” and presents a “care planning checklist” designed to ensure the safest possible environment for residents who choose engage in crafts and hobbies.

Previously published “person-centered clarifications” in the One Vision project include those devoted to mattress pad use, holiday decorations, and serving outside food to residents.

One Vision: Moving Forward brings together a wide range of partners, including PHI, to identify and resolve obstacles to the implementation of person-centered practices and other culture change initiatives in Michigan’s skilled nursing homes.


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