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COVID-19 and Workers at Risk: Examining the Long-Term Care Workforce

Report Data Collection & Quality
April 23, 2020

This report highlighted the vulnerabilities among the long-term care workforce that put them at heightened risk for COVID-19 using data from teh 2018 American Community Survey, 1-year file.. Long-term care workers typically work in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, and in home health. There were definiciencies in infection control in these settings during the COVID-19 pandemic, and workers lacked access to personal protective equipment (PPE). Policy measures initiated during the pandemic, such as epaid leave for those exposed to or who contracted COVID-19, may not have included long term care workers. To view the original source, click here.

Key Takeaways

Direct care workers account for 53% of all long-term care workers and are often in close contact with patients.
A majority of long-term care workers are in the bottom 40% of income-earners.
Many long terms care workers have marginalized identities. These identities are also disproportionately represented in groups that contracted and have complications from COVID-19, such as being Black, low income, and age 50 and above.

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