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Helping Caregivers Thrive? An Evaluation of a Direct Care Worker Retention Program

Brief Training & Advanced Roles
January 1, 2022

This research brief provided an overview of the findings from an evaluation of the Transforming Healthcare Readiness through Innovative Vocational Education (THRIVE) intervention for direct care workers. Broadly, the intervention did not achieve its aims. To view the original source, click here.

Key Takeaways

The Transforming Healthcare Readiness through Innovative Vocational Education (THRIVE) program did not improve retention of direct care workers who participated in it in 2020 and 2021.
Pay rate and the race of the direct care worker were predictors of retention for direct care workers over two years (2019-2021), as were higher levels of burnout.
Identified areas of improvement for the intervention include greater tailoring of the intervention program to the direct care workforce population being trained on it, involvement of direct care workers in the design and implementation phases of the program, assessing receptivity and readiness of the health system for the program, diversifying the intervention program staff, clear specification of goals of the program to health system leaders to increase their buy-in, and creating clear protocols for documentation and tracking data for the program.

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