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Services for the Elderly and Disabled — An Economic Powerhouse

January 1, 2012

This report provides an overview of the multi billion-dollar impact that the eldercare and disabilities industry has on New York State’s economy. The industry supports more than 175,000 jobs, many of which are direct care jobs. The report further notes that even a 5% cut to Medicaid would reduce the state’s economic activity by more than $900 million. The report breaks down the state’s eldercare and disabilities industry by region, spotlighting innovative employers in each.

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Key Takeaways

Long-term care employs hundreds of thousands of workers, an impact of nearly $30 billion on the state's economy.
These contributions are vital across the state, but can also be broken down by state region.
If Medicaid rates were cut by 5%, the state would lose thousands of jobs and nearly $1 billion in activity.

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