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The Cost of Frontline Turnover in Long-Term Care

October 1, 2004

This report details information about the cost of turnover among direct-care workers. The report argues that it is important to track these costs and presents a framework for measuring them. Research findings suggest: an expanded accounting model provides the most accurate estimate of turnover costs; frequently overlooked indirect costs may be substantial; and the direct cost of turnover is at least $2,500 per frontline worker. The report offers recommendations for providers, policy makers, and researchers.

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Key Takeaways

Direct costs of worker turnover are at least $2,500, but that doesn't account for indirect costs.
Turnover is associated with costs at the enterprise, service delivery, and third-party payer level.
Turnover costs are a drain on the long-term care system. More attention and investment is needed to retain workers.
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Dorie Seavey

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