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To Care for Them, We Need to Take Care of Ourselves: A Qualitative Study on the Health of Home Health Aides

Journal Article Person-Centered Care
June 1, 2023

This research articles summarizes a qualitative study done on 28 home health aides’ perceptions of their own health and health practices. Findings revealed how home health aides conceptualize the importance of their health and how it intersects with their jobs. To view the original source, click here.

Key Takeaways

Home health aides manage their own chronic health conditions while working, including obesity, hypertension, arthritis, depression, and diabetes.
Home health aides want to be healthy, which is partially incentivized by wanting to provide care for and working closely with people in poor health.
Elements of providing care for others, such as preferences and habits of their care recipients, influence the health practices that home health aides can engage in while working. Additionally, many home health aides work long hours, which leaves little time for self care outside of work.

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