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Starter Kit Provides Design Considerations for Matching Service Registries

October 3, 2013

A new resource from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services National Direct Service Workforce Resource Center by PHI Associate Director of Policy Research Abby Marquand provides guidance to No Wrong Door/Single Entry Points (NWS/SEP) on how they can enhance the resources they provide by establishing Matching Service Registries on their sites.

Matching Service Registries (MSRs) facilitate connections between Personal Care Aides and consumers who self-direct their in-home services and supports, also known as Consumer Direction

Since NWS/SEP (formerly known as Aging and Disability Resource Centers) assist elders and people of all ages living with disabilities and chronic conditions in accessing home and community-based long term care services, these single-point entry systems are “good candidates for hosting and maintaining MSRs,” Marquand writes.

The Starter Kit for NWD/SEPs: Design Considerations for Publicly Funded Matching Service Registries for Home and Community Services identifies the following steps and provides information on each for NWD/SEPS that are considering developing a MSR:

  • Identify Community Needs
  • Solicit Stakeholder Buy-In and Input
  • Decide on an MSR Search Platform
  • Link to Additional Services
  • Finance Start-Up Costs and Ongoing Operations
  • Recruit Users, Both Individuals and Workers
  • Conduct Criminal Background
  • Build Broad-Based Support among Referral Points and Stakeholders
  • Metrics to Demonstrate Value

— by Deane Beebe

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