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Independence Care System

New York, NY

Independence Care System (ICS) is a nonprofit organization operating a Medicaid managed long-term care plan in New York City. ICS supports more than 6,500 older adults and people with disabilities in planning and managing their own long-term care and social supports.

ICS works with PHI and Cooperative Home Care Associates (CHCA) to ensure quality home care services for its members by creating quality jobs for those providing the care.

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New York City System

Each year, through a partnership linked by cross-board relationships, service contracts, and a shared mission, PHI, ICS, and Cooperative Home Care Associates (CHCA) provide care for more than 6,500 older adults and people with disabilities, employ approximately 2,500 staff, and train hundreds of women for quality home health aide jobs.

The goals and culture of PHI and Independence Care System are deeply aligned. We work to transform the caregiving experience, both for those who need care services and those who provide these services, so that that each person involved is able to live with dignity and security.
Rick Surpin President
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