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Los Angeles, California

WorkingNation is a nonprofit campaign dedicated to increasing awareness about the changing economy and its impact on unemployment in the United States. They use storytelling across a variety of mediums to examine the country’s looming unemployment crisis and to bring people together to create and amplify solutions to structural unemployment.

PHI partnered with WorkingNation to inform their mini-documentary on PHI’s Care Connections Project, which created advanced roles for home care workers and led to improved health outcomes among clients. We also collaborated to widely distribute the video as part of our #60CaregiverIssues campaign and to promote the role that innovative training, technology, and multimedia education can play in creating both better home care jobs and better care.

“One of our major focuses at WorkingNation is to highlight and promote organizations that are working to prepare Americans for the jobs of the future. PHI is a perfect partner in this regard. The organization is a model of how grassroots training programs can equip Americans with the skills that will allow them to thrive in growth industries and provide for their families in a rapidly changing U.S. economy. From our standpoint, we need more organizations like PHI serving every sector in every major community across the country.”

– Art Bilger, Founder & CEO

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