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Transforming Long-Term Care Through Workforce Innovations


Responsible for delivering quality care, today’s long-term care providers want to know that the women and men who provide that care share their commitment to quality—and are equipped to deliver it. To meet this need, PHI offers a range of services that help providers attract quality workers, promote excellent care, reduce turnover, and achieve cost efficiencies.

Grounded in our signature PHI Coaching Approach®, we work with long-term care executive leaders, supervisors, and front-line staff to create fundamentally new systems of care that honor the relationship between the direct care worker and the client. And we offer an array of services—from advising on recruitment and retention practices, to creating entry-level and advanced curricula and training programs, to developing household models, to producing original research and policy analysis on the workforce—that embody our mission of quality care through quality jobs.

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Equipping Providers to Deliver High-Quality Care

Equipping Providers to Deliver High-Quality Care

Between 2012 and 2018, we partnered with long-term care providers around the country to improve their delivery of care and maximize the contributions of direct care workers. Contact us to learn more about our services.

By the Numbers: Our National Reach


Number of long-term care provider staff, direct care workers, and clients served annually by PHI’s services. Source: PHI, 2017


Number of annual web users accessing PHI’s publications and online workforce data. Source: PHI, 2017


Number of states reached directly by PHI's services, policy research, and advocacy between 2012 and 2017. Source: PHI, 2017

Our Services & Workforce Innovations

Reports & Multimedia

PHI publishes original reports, policy analyses, and multimedia resources on today's pressing topics.

New York City System

Our New York City home care system supports—and learns from—thousands of workers and consumers every year.

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